B2B Sales Toolkit (3 Piece Set, v2)



1. Outcomes: The Sales Action Planner

2. Outbound: Dream Client Pursuit

3. Outperform: 90-Minute Blocks

This second version of our Sales Toolkit includes 3 unique pieces. Some of our customers wrote in telling us they would prefer to carry less items, so we redesigned our 3rd version to have the 90 Minute Blocks integrated into the Outcomes Planner.

We still love this second version toolkit, and its original 3 piece design. 71 remain in inventory. Be sure to get your before they're gone. 


  • Quarterly Goal Setting
  • Personal and Professional Disciplines
  • Ideal Sales Day 
  • Ideal Sales Week
  • Value Creation
  • Hitting Quota 
  • Commitment to Success
  • Track Client Meetings
  • Track New Opportunities Created
  • Track Value of New Opportunities 
  • Track Deals Moved Forward
  • Track Deals Won
  • 3 Single-Month Calendars
  • 3 Monthly Success Formulas
  • 15 Weeks of Planning 
  • 105 Daily To-Do Lists
  • 75 Daily Gratitude Charts
  • 75 Daily Scorecards
  • 15 Weekly Recaps
  • 3 Monthly Reviews
  • 50 Self Improvement Note Pages
  • How to Identify Non-Dream Clients
  • How to Identify Dream Clients
  • 3 Sections of Dream Clients
  • 45 Dream Client Information Sheets
  • 45 Pursuit Plans
  • 45 Pages of Notes
  • 3 Months of Laser Focus
  • 90 Days of Desired Outcomes
  • 270 Accomplishments Ready to Become Reality
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